The core of my leadership

Look at my Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means «the reason to live».  As a leader I try to get to know myself better and I have done my professional Ikigai to find what makes me happy as a professional. I invite you to get to know me by reading the following diagrams.


What is my leadership style?

I consider myself a leader who inspires people with a clear vision of how things can be done better.

I am a leader who creates a vision of success for the team, I establish the principles of effective communication and I make decisions with courage.

As a leader I like to promote a fertile culture of respect for diversity and ideas, and my main focus is solving problems through concrete actions.

My purpose is to ensure that behind the fulfillment of each project, people can find passion and growth in the development of their task. 

In short, my purpose is to help companies have happy workers with high efficiency and competence.

1. I never stop learning

2. I inspire people to do their best.

3. I promote change and I facilitate collaboration.

4. I help others to grow professionally.

5. I can listen actively.

6. I appreciate the qualities of the people on my team.

7. Give honest and constructive feedback.

8. I appreciate the criticism.

9. I know how to set limits.

10. Delegate taking into account resources, talent and time.

In my teams people have different capacities and abilities. So each person learns from others, teaches their skills, and grows as a professional and as a person. In this way my team is multi-talented, highly competitive and self-sufficient. 

My teams

The 5 main strengths of my work teams

These characteristics allow me to measure the force of action that each person in my creative teams

Public Speaking


Speaking in public is not easy and my preparation forced me to overcome many fears, however, as a person focused on leading teams that face new challenges, I decided to face my own challenges and these ignites are an example of this.

I believe that the most important thing in these talks is the intention I have to inspire others to create skills that seem impossible to achieve.

Online teaching projects

My online courses

In recent years I have been a teacher in audiovisual issues on online platforms. It is not the same as being a face-to-face teacher. The skills to do online classes are very different and the preparation is much more arduous.
(I tell you based on my experience, since I have taught class in both ways)

Copywriting exercises


I have taken a Copywriting course for digital platforms and I have put what I have learned into practice. I’m not the best but I try.